Mission failed...

Gepubliceerd op 3 april 2022 om 10:09

The best photo is always the one you have in mind. But getting the shot is more of a challenge. On the fist of April a layer of fresh snow covered the landscape. A unique opportunity and tempting to photograph some landscapes or large birds in the snow.


I set the goal on photographing Bluethroat in the snow. So I set out to the dunes where I knew a couple of males where. I hoped to photograph them singing in top of a snow covered bush. At the first spot that ad been productive the previous times is was very quiet.


A waited and waited but no Bluethroat. Only when the sun come out the male showed itself. A display flight and deep down under the bushes.... Another flight and again deep down hidden in the bush. This continued and clearly this Bluethroat didn't like the cold...


Another male was more active but was very skittish and I only managed to get a bird in the landscape photo. So in the end I wasn't able to get the photo I had in mind. A male Linnet was a bit more cooperative.

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