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Ameland is one of the Dutch Wadden Islands, it's 27 kilometres wide from the east to the western corner and only 2 kilometres at the narrowest point between the North - and Wadden Sea.


In the winter a variety of birds stay on and around the island so it's a perfect combination from a weekend break. One can cross over by car but the best way to go across the island is by bike. Although, because of the rainfall some track were submerged and we had to peddle through the water, good we had waterproof shoes.


Saturday it was dry but overcast, still the Dark-bellied Brent had already spring on their minds. So I could take some action shots of birds chasing eachoterh.

Whilst waiting for the ferry to leave the Black-headed Gulls where flying around picking up small invertebrates from the surface.  A nice subject to kill the waiting time, only out of the 200 photos a handful were keepers.

Sunday was a misty and rainy day and we got drenched by the time we got back from the east tip of the island. After checking thousands of geese we finally found two Red-breasted Geese and got treated with a flock of 33 Bewick's Swans flying overhead.


We took the second last ferry back and almost when we got back at the mainland the sun pierces through the clouds resulting in a wonderful sunset.

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